Welcome to FES Jamaica

In today’s tightening international competition, the traditionally democratic Commonwealth states of the Caribbean tend to fall behind, socially and economically, while being more and more marginalized in international politics. Also, community development in the area is weakening. These developments haven’t left untouched Jamaica, an island, which besides its tourist attractions, is famous for its high homicide-rates.

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FEF) works in Jamaica since 1983. Central aspects of our work are the role of civil society in political processes, reforms in labour legislation and gender equality.

Climate change and its possible consequences have become a topic of increasing interest. As part of its regional project in the Caribbean Area, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation provides incentives that go beyond international and academic cooperation, promoting further integration of policy-makers, in order to face this problem.

The FEF has a long and productive partnership with the People’s National Party (PNP) and the PNP Women’s Movement. Thanks to the mutual confidence, which both sides built up over the years, the FEF was able to cooperate on important reforms, for example in promoting gender equality, which has become a central aspect of our cooperation.

In addition, the FEF can look back on a long collaboration with the University of West Indies (UWI), which comprises a regional network of specialised academic institutes. Having, moreover, trustful relations to the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions (JCTU), with access to the most important specific trade unions, enables the FEF to help the Jamaican trade union movement participate more in political development processes. Other local partners are The Association of Caribbean Economists, the Coalition for Community Participation in Governance and the Association of Development and Agencies.